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Kenpat is dedicated to focusing on continuous safety improvement. We strive to perform all work activities on all construction projects free of accidents. Our award-winning safety program is based on these key points that we work to keep in everyone's mind on the job:

• All accidents can be prevented
• Personnel can be reasonably safeguarded against construction hazards
• Safety is a management responsibility
• Management has a responsibility to train employees to work safely
• Preventing injuries is morally right and good business
• Working safely is a condition of employment

We maintain a log of accident statistics as we measure progress in attaining safety goals for the year. These statistics are compiled and presented regularly to management and detail the safety results for each project, project manager, construction manager and the Company as a whole.

We also place employee training among the most important elements of our successful safety program. Each employee is required to go through the following training:

• Fall protection requirements
• OSHA training
• Scaffold training
• Safety program orientation

We also have safety representatives assigned to assist the project superintendent in assuring implementation of the Safety Program. The safety representative's duties include:

• Assist project management in conducting safety orientation and safety meetings
• Conduct and document daily safety inspections
• Provide technical assistance during accident and near-miss incident investigations
• Conduct follow-up to assure that corrective action has been implemented to resolve safety issues identified in safety meetings, during inspections, and resulting from incident/near-miss investigations.

Kenpat is dedicated to continually improving our safety performance and is striving to attain an accident-free environment for our workers.

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