Kenpat has the skill and the expertise to handle any interior systems work, including drywall,

framing, thermal insulation and sound insulation. Big or small, Kenpat can handle your job!

Interior Framing

The use of light gauge metal framing for walls, ceilings and soffits creates a cost-effective way of construction straight and stron elements in any project. KENPAT is prepared for any interior framing job, big or small



Gypsum Board are panels made of a gypsum core pressed between two thick sheets of surface materials that can range from specially coated papers for mold resistance to fiberglas-reinforced paper for added strength. Gypsum boards are typically used for interior walls, partitions and ceilings.




There are several types of insulation, typically on the envelope of a building for thermal protection and in the walls and on the ceiling for sound treatments. Different types can include fiberglas, foam board, spray foam insulation and many more.



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