Ceilings are the crown of any room. They range from standard drywall ceilings, to acoustical ceilings,
to specialty ceilings. Each requires a range of skills for proper installation. Kenpat has the skill and the
experience to create ceilings that are true works of art and the complement to any structure.

acoustical ceilings

Suspended acoustical ceiling tiles are miade in various sizes, types, textures, etc. These acoustical systems are made from various cores to specifically meet acoustical, moisture and architectural needs of the project.


drywall ceilings

Ceilings tht utilize gypsum boards on various support structures to create a variety of architectural elements of the project.



specialty ceilings

Specialty ceilings area a great architectural addition to any building. These ceilings can come in various types of materials and designs such as wood, metal, plastic, etc., to enhance the look of any project.

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