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Kenpat (Central Florida), LLC, is part of the Kenpat family of related companies.

Kenpat was founded on the desire to create a drywall and ceiling company that was set far apart from others. It brought together two organizations that had a strong history in the drywall and ceiling construction industries and excellent ties to the Central Florida market.

In June of 2003, Kenpat acquired the assets and contracts of E & K of Orlando, an icon in the Central Florida marketplace since the 1970's. Kenpat attributes its success to the history, experience and success of the founding Kenpat company in South Africa, the historical successes of E & K of Orlando, and an extraordinary office and field management team. Through consistency and diligence, Kenpat has continued to thrive in the Central Florida construction industry, and has proven to be a leader in quality, coordination and safety within the industry.

An International Heritage
Kenpat — a leader in the ceiling and drywall industry, has built on a legacy of local and international success. With 35 years experience and more than 10,000 successfully completed projects, Kenpat stands ready to continue providing the highest level of service and skill for your next project.

Kenpat CFL
Kenpat has offered drywall, interior and exterior framing and architectural specialty services for a number of years. In 2014, Kenpat established a variety of companies that are more directly focused on specific markets. One of those was support of the drywall, framing and architectural specialty markets in the Central Florida area. As a result Kenpat Central Florida, LLC, was set up to continue offering services for these markets.


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