VA Hospital

2015 ABC Eagle Award for Construction Excellence

With more than 1.8 million veterans calling Florida home, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recognized the need to build a new facility capable of providing the highest quality of healthcare and services to local veterans and their families in Central Florida. The new, over $665 million, state-of-the-art facility will increase accessibility to health care for approximately 400,000 of Central Florida’s veterans.
The VA Medical Center at Lake Nona is the first VA hospital to be built in the United States since 1995. The 1.2 million square-foot hurricane-hardened medical center includes a 134-bed inpatient diagnostic and treatment hospital, a 118-bed nursing home, a 60-bed domiciliary, an outpatient clinic, a veteran’s benefit mini service center and generous patient and visitor parking.  This facility is the only VA hospital in the country in which all patient rooms are private.
The Center also includes a large primary care and multispecialty clinic, a full array of support services, and such high-tech medical equipment as two Linear Accelerators, two MRIs, one CT Scanner, one PET/CT Scanner, one Cath Lab, an EP lab, Interventional Radiology, an RTLS System, and Smart Operating Rooms. It is designed to assure maximum flexibility in the way that care is provided in a healing environment and is silver Leeds certified.  Its campus also includes the Simulation Learning Education and Research Network, which is a high-technology, immersive environment that uses simulation to train VA medical personnel.

Kenpat was called upon by General Contractor Brasfield & Gorrie to provide all the acoustical and specialized ceilings and acoustical wall panels throughout the facility.  The general design of the building, coupled with the requirement to work in and around specialized rooms as mentioned earlier, all loaded with high-tech equipment that was often suspended from the ceiling, made this assignment very complex.

As a result, the work on this facility included 7 different types of acoustical ceiling tiles, as well as 3 types of wood and 3 types of metal ceilings.  In addition to the ceiling work, Kenpat also installed over 25,000 SF of field-wrapped fabric wall panels, custom-sized and field-cut wood wall panels, other acoustical panels and over 6,000 SF of specialized foam wall panels.   

In total, Kenpat installed close to 600,000 square-feet of acoustical ceiling tile in this facility!  Numbers this large are difficult to comprehend.  For example, Kenpat installed over 113 MILES of ceiling grids to accommodate the ceiling tiles.  That is roughly the distance from Orlando, FL (in Central Florida) to St. Petersburg, FL (on the Florida West Coast).  There were enough ceiling tiles installed to completely cover all of the home courts of the 30 NBA basketball teams 4 times over, with tiles to spare! 

Wood ceilings were used in many of the common lobby areas.  The main lobby atrium was open to a height of 100 feet, and installation was made even more challenging by the slope of the ceiling.  This required Kenpat workers to work on large scaffolds to precisely install these ceilings.  The other two highest atria with wood ceilings were in the connector between buildings, and they were approximately 76' high. 

In some of the atria, the ceilings were multi-level, with each level having different types of wood ceilings to install and for the workers to achieve a uniform, seamless installation. 


Wood “clouds” were also installed in all of the elevator lobbies as well as many of the alcoves on each floor.


The hospital’s 8 emergency and/or operating rooms, along with rooms in the intensive care units, presented additional challenges.  Each of these rooms had multiple uni-strut track systems suspended from the ceiling that needed to be framed around and then carefully fitted with ceiling tiles requiring very precise work on the part of Kenpat installers.


Finally, Kenpat had to install 3,400 SF of metal pan ceilings, or wave panels, suspended from the ceilings in the various clinic receptions, the library and other rooms in the hospital.  Lighting was then installed within these panels.


Wall Panels
In addition to the ceiling work, Kenpat installed 2 types of wood wall panels, 1 metal wall system, 3 types of fabric-wrapped wall panels totaling 25,572 SF, and 2 types of specialized “foam” wall panels.

The wood panels were installed on various floors as architectural accents.  Each panel was field-cut to a 1/16” tolerance and custom-sized for each placement.  Acoustical panels were installed in the larger meeting rooms, waiting rooms and lobby areas to minimize noise levels in these active rooms.

The large surgical waiting/reception area was a particular challenge.  In that room Kenpat workers installed field-wrapped acoustical wall panels with a 36” repeating pattern requiring great precision to ensure panels consistently and correctly matched and repeated the pattern.

The hospital also has a large computer room and several studios, each of which required Kenpat to install over 6,000 SF of specialized foam wall panels designed to deaden the sound in these rooms.


The end result, after working on this huge facility and working through numerous government change-orders, the VA Hospital is now opening its doors to serve the Veterans in this area.  All will be able to enjoy the beautiful work done by Brasfield and Gorrie, enhanced by the ceiling and wall panel work of Kenpat.

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